Cryptomania iOS Release 2024: Top Crypto Trading Simulator Finally on Apple Devices

We’ve been waiting so long for this to happen and finally, this day has come. Our team is super thrilled to announce that Cryptomania, the ultimate crypto trading simulator, is now available for iOS!

What’s new?

IPhone users, rejoice as lots of new awesome features are waiting for you in the fresh version of Cryptomania!

  • Mini-games: Get ready for fun new activities that will bring you even more awesome rewards!
  • Instant upgrades: Level up your Invest Empire property straight away and start getting more rental profit faster!
  • New in-app currency: coins. Use them to upgrade and repair your properties, buy cool items, refresh your daily challenges, and snag fantastic goodies without touching your hard-earned trading capital.
  • Revamped UI: We’ve spruced up the interface to make it work smoother and look friendlier.
  • All crypto pairs available: From now on, you can trade with any crypto you want. No exclusives, just open trading for everyone.

What else? A new rating system, dual leaderboards, trading certificates for the best of the best, and exclusive rewards for our followers on Telegram and WhatsApp. 

About Cryptomania

Cryptomania is a free trading simulator — a virtual playground for beginners and veterans alike. 

The key difference between a trading simulator and a real market is that in a simulator, you’re working with virtual funds — no real money is at stake.

You can open trades, observe market movements, and experiment with different tools and strategies — all without risking a single cent. 

Cryptomania combines the fun of mobile gaming with the complexities of cryptocurrency trading. It’s a practical and risk-free tool that allows you to learn the ins and outs of crypto trading and gain a solid understanding of how the crypto market works.

Why trade with Cryptomania

Many people want to succeed in crypto trading but don’t know where to begin. Crypto is a huge and complicated world, needing a good grasp of basics, pattern recognition, and a custom trading system. Here’s what you can achieve with Cryptomania:

Learn the basics of crypto trading. To become a profitable crypto trader you need to understand the market, learn the basics, and develop a solid trading strategy. Cryptomania is a free, risk-free simulator that helps you practice and build confidence without losing money.

Learn to recognize patterns. To develop pattern recognition skills in crypto trading, you need to review lots of price action over time. Cryptomania lets you do this with real-time data, live charts, and all needed analysis tools.

Develop a trading system. Cryptomania provides essential trading tools like leverage, indicators, and risk management features, allowing you to experiment and find what works for your trading style. It’s your go-to toolkit for designing a personalized trading system.

Find a community. Our Telegram and WhatsApp channels have all the latest app updates, exclusive insights into the crypto market, hot news, helpful tips, and exciting giveaways. You’re always welcome to join in!

Summing up

Cryptomania is the ultimate platform for beginners to learn and practice crypto trading. This free app features a comprehensive simulator where you can test strategies, grasp market dynamics, and build the confidence needed for live trading. Cryptomania provides a safe, risk-free environment to refine your skills and transition from novice to pro.

Our journey has been long, and the iOS release is a significant milestone, but it’s just the beginning. We’re committed to continuous improvement, facing new challenges, and celebrating future achievements.

Download the Cryptomania app and try it out for yourself today!

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