Hamster Combat: Is Tapping Worth the Hustle?

In just two and a half months, almost 150 million people have started tapping on the hamster, which is an amazing pace of growth. However, none of the players have earned a penny for their efforts yet. They’re just dreaming that one day, each tap will be worth a handful of coins. Not now, but someday — for sure.

We’re talking about the Hamster Kombat hamster. And tapping is not the best strategy in this game, by the way. But let’s start from the beginning.

What is Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat is a Telegram-based tap-to-earn game where you, a cute little hamster, become the CEO of a virtual crypto exchange. Your goal is to upgrade your platform to the max and hopefully earn some crypto along the way. The game combines strategy, card collection, and blockchain technology.

Hamster Kombat managed to get global hype right from the start. Within a month of launch, it gained millions of users and 31 million subscribers on YouTube.

Tap2Earn: how does it work?

The game works like this: you tap on a hamster image on your phone screen and get virtual coins for it. There are also secret codes and other ways to boost your score. 

The money in the game is virtual, and players earn it as their character grows and expands their capabilities, as well as through victories in-game challenges and battles with other characters.

Earning in such games is based on mining principles. To get some virtual coins, you need to complete certain tasks.

Mining is the process of creating cryptocurrency. Any cryptocurrency unit is a special code generated by a computer.

Its value lies in the fact that each code is quite hard to create. Those trying to make money from this set up entire “crypto farms” — huge servers requiring energy and a powerful cooling system because one computer isn’t enough for serious crypto mining.

In this case, Hamster Kombat becomes an alternative to a crypto farm: people tapping on phone screens are essentially providing their computing power for mining — creating crypto.

Hamster Kombat rewards

Rumor has it that 1 million game coins equal $1 based on the cryptocurrency rate. It’s said that the ability to withdraw funds into real currency will depend on how much profit a player generates over time in the game — the more active you are, the more income you get. But there are no exact details yet.

According to anonymous developers, they plan to list Hamster Kombat’s token on the crypto exchanges in July this year and attract money. Then, users will be able to convert their virtual coins into real money. Hopefully.

Risks and doubts

Legally, there’s nothing wrong with the game creators. But the Hamster Kombat owners have almost no obligations to the players. For example, if you can’t exchange your in-game points for money, there’s not much you can do about it.

The main risks for Hamster Kombat users include the potential devaluation of virtual coins after they’re released, the sudden shutdown of the project resulting in the loss of all “earnings,” and the use of players’ personal data for unknown purposes. Plus, there’s a risk of getting involved in a financial pyramid disguised as a game.

Besides, projects like Hamster Combat use simple screen-tapping mechanics, but with such a large user base (Hamster Combat has already gained over 100 million users, even more than NOT), the main question arises: do they have enough resources to give everyone at least $10? Because for this, the project would need 1 billion dollars!

Overall, this seems like a very questionable way to make money, especially considering that in most cases, the real income is extremely small compared to the effort spent — you could play for days and end up with just a few dollars, which doesn’t match the time invested.

How to start playing and earn tokens

If you still willing to try it out and see for yourself what’s all the buzz is about, here’s what you need to do:

  • Activate a Hamster Kombat bot in Telegram.
  • Earn $HMSTR coins by tapping, upgrading cards, and participating in combos and missions.

Pro tip: tapping doesn’t bring much in-game profit. It’s more efficient to upgrade your cards.

Upgraded cards bring faster token accumulation, better stats, and more rewards than just tapping. They also offer strategic advantages and can be traded for higher in-game profits.

Hamster Kombat airdrop

$HMSTR token is scheduled to be listed in July 2024 on the TON blockchain platform. In the Airdrop game section, users can connect their TON wallet.

The size of the Airdrop will depend on the game profit per hour and other player activities which is kind of vague but, honestly, the whole thing is like this…

Final thoughts

The hamster might feed the users, but there won’t be enough for everyone to get $10. So, whether it’s worth spending time on this is up to you. But what you definitely should do is keep learning, improving your skills, and looking for more reliable ways to earn in crypto.

Want to learn more about free crypto games that allow users to earn some tokens? Check out this post and find your new favorite game.

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