New Version: What’s New in Cryptomania’s Spring Update

 Cryptomania’s new version is already available on Android! Although the new version is mainly focused on sprucing up the UI, there still is a number of new features introduced to the app.

Dual Leaderboards

Now, the player leaderboard is splitting into global and local rankings. The global one shows where you stand worldwide, while the local board reflects your position in your area.

Even if you’re not #1 globally, ruling your country’s board is also pretty awesome!

Improved property screens

No more hopping to the in-app shop to buy item fragments or upgrade your property in Invest Empire! The new version lets you snag those fragments right from the property menu, making upgrades a breeze.

Instant upgrades

Want to skip the upgrade wait? Use Cryptomania coins to leap to the next level instantly. Remember: the faster you upgrade, the sooner you start getting higher rental income in Invest Empire.

Enhanced daily challenges

We’ve spruced up the daily challenges to work smoother and look friendlier.

New mini-game

Get ready for a fun new activity resembling spin-the-wheel. Win cool rewards and amp up the fun and profits!

Shop makeover

Our in-app shop has a fresh, modern look for an enhanced shopping experience.

New continent discovery wheel

Now with a touch of adventure in its visuals!

Exclusive rewards

Stay tuned on Telegram and WhatsApp for special bonuses and rewards available only to our followers. Don’t miss out – turn on those notifications!

While the Android version is already live, iPhone users can expect the update very soon. So, stay tuned, folks, and get ready for the new features and improvements!

Still don’t have Cryptomania on your phone? Then tap the link to download the app and dive into Cryptomania’s fresh goodies!

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